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Here at LIC Housing Finance Limited, we will assist anyone in helping them find an affordable way to purchase a home for themselves and their family. On June 25th, 2015, the Government of India created a scheme called the “Pradhan MantriAwas Yojana” which helps all Indian citizens in finding affordable housing solutions for themselves. Under the Pradhan MantriAwas Yojana scheme, homebuyers can obtain interest subsidies of up to 2.20 lakhs. For this reason, property ownership has never been greater in India because now more people have a path toward home ownership that they didn’t have before. All you need is the right loan officer to assist you with all the technical and financial solutions.

My name is G. Madhan Kumar and I have been a finance and loan specialist for the past 13 years. The areas that I specialize in include home loans, mortgage loans, NRI home loans for residential properties, loans for commercial rentals and loans for commercial properties.I started my business “LIC Housing Finance Limited” because I wanted to help individuals and business owners find the right property for themselves. Over the years, I have helped thousands of people to obtain affordable housing, as well as thousands of business owners to obtain affordable storefronts in thriving economic locations.

For anyone looking to buy a new home, there is no better time to get a home loan than right now because there are low-interest rates starting at 8.50%. And, of course, you’ll get the interest subsidies of up to 2.20 lakhs from the government under the Pradhan MantriAwas Yojana scheme. However, when you utilize my loan services, you can take advantage of the “zero rupees” processing fee that I offer to all my customers. You won’t find this kind of deal being offered anywhere else. As I perform 3 to 4 crores loan disbursements each month, there is no one more experienced or qualified to handle your property loan than me. If you think there is another loan product which is better than what I am offering, I welcome you to make an appointment with me anyway so we can discuss it. I would be more than happy to show you the advantages of my products and the disadvantages of my competitors’ products.

If you have any questions or inquiries that you’d like to make, you can reach me on my mobile phone at 9841328370 or you can email me at Alternatively, you can take it upon yourself to learn more about LIC Housing Finance Limited and myself by visiting our website at

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